Conquest (Single 2011)

by Catch The Sun



released November 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Catch The Sun Нижний Новгород, Russian Federation

CTS is a studio band from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.
Progressive Metal \ Instrumental

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Track Name: Conquest
I came to open your eyes. You are dead.
Your life is nothing.
You must repent, and you will do it
to me to world to god.

I brought a message from the heaven
and now it's time for heaven's court.
What have you build for all these ages?
There is nothing to remain. You build a tomb for yourself.

Prepare for punishment.
You can not hide forever.
Those who go with me will have a chance to be forgiven.
If you don't follow me then you will burn in hell.
So you must make your choice and choose your way.

Accept one faith or you will
Die sinners!


Don't turn away, I come to help.
In our lands you'll see what you so wanted.
Believe my words.
Forget your gods.

We'll give eternal live to you. You must believe.
Your life behind. Let's go with me.
It's time to make a change

This way is hard.
You mustn't doubt.
Don't turn away.
God wait for you.
Track Name: Lost Wanderers
There are ghosts of warriors
That have fallen here many years ago.
Today they live yet near the walls, where they have died.
Kings promised them that they will revive,
But now they store memory of this war for a long time.

Every day they wait a sunrise.
Their spirit do not know a rest.
Fire burning in their eyes
They blind.

And now many years they wander in these places,
Don't have a rest, doomed for long torments.

God forgive them.